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Make Him or Her Fall in Love with You – Not!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you may be familiar with the following side note from my prior post Love as Cause and Effect:   “Please do not believe anything you read where someone is giving advice on “how to make him fall in love with you” or “how to […]

Love as Cause and Effect

      Ok, let me be honest with you.  Writing this post has been a struggle.  Not because I didn’t want to write it.  Rather, this idea has floated around in my head for a while, but actually articulating it?  HAHAHAHAHAHA – the means escaped me for quite some […]

Love and Music: “Style” by Taylor Swift

    It’s time for the second installment in the “Love and Music” series!   Taylor Swift seemed like an appropriate choice as she recently won 8 Billboard Awards – without a doubt, this means she either has a great amount of influence on how many perceive love and relationships […]