Monthly Archives: January 2016

Look into the Mirror

Look into the beautiful eyes of an ugly face I’ve never known their color; Why should you?   But I know what they’ve seen & I know what they can do   When I look into the mirror, They teach me the power of truth     Please share or […]

I Don’t Want to Make New Friends

I’ve been doing quite a bit of blog-reading lately, and it seems that much of it is telling me that the purpose of travel is to interact with other people.  Or that, if I don’t want to interact with other people, it must because I’m limiting myself by saying I’m […]


Invert the question Change the meaning Realize that what you thought isn’t What you’re seeing   Fuck a phrase like paradigm shift If something so trite as Perception = reality informs the Graylessness of our truths Then for wise men in a world of fools Wisdom is moot   Share […]