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Everyone struggles and everyone’s struggles are different.   Recently, a hope, an idea, a plan that I had was thrown out the window.   I asked myself the following questions:   How do I feel? What does it mean? What will I do? What do I know?   My answers […]

Sarah Palin’s Trump Endorsement Speech Redux

It would not be erroneous to say that very few find Sarah Palin to be right about…well, honestly, about anything. She exists in a world where there is no distinction between fact and fiction.  I’ll let Politifact take care of that, though ( She seems to also live in a […]

Your India Packing List for Women

Everyone has certain things that they need or want when travelling overseas, whether it be out of comfort or necessity.  When I first came to India as a trainer for a multi-national bank, my colleague brought with him a jar of peanut butter.  That was a smart move as the […]