The Heart vs. The Mind: Finale

In the last post, I spent what could be reasonably called an egregious amount of time talking about Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and hugs.   A quick summary of said post:   If you know how to identify your emotional statements/actions/reactions versus your rational ones, you can analyze how they […]

The Heart vs The Mind: Part 3

The Heart vs. the Mind: Part 3   Aka Get Ready for Some Relationship Math   Ah, well, in the last post, I promised a case study, but… I’ve changed my mind.  The reason why is that, in reality, I can only use myself as a case study because the […]

The Heart vs The Mind: Part 2

AKA The Emotional Self vs. the Rational Self   Hopefully you read Part 1 of “The Heart vs. The Mind”; in that post, I explain what I mean by the term “Emotional Self”.   The question that prompted all this is whether we need to choose between listening to the […]