Life Wherever: I Wanna Eat That

You know…I’ve been thinking about something a lot lately….


I am often asked by friends and family when travelling whether there is a particular food I am missing.


For the most part, the answer is no.  Would I like a giant block of tasty tasty tasty sharp white cheddar that costs less than $10 for 1/4th of a pound and is actually worth that in terms of quality?



                To that point, I did tell my fiancé that all I want for my birthday is

$20 worth of good cheese, lol…

That request has grown a little – now I want to travel back to Palolem,

spend the night because it’s like a 3-4 hour scooter ride and

your *ss gets so, so sore, but is worth it for the sights,

 and go to Maia Cheese

It’s the little things, lol


However, I really love good food; just ask my friend who recently told me that she misses seeing my face whenever food comes around, lol.  So, “missing” anything particular usually doesn’t happen; I’m too busy trying new things, eating the stuff I already love made cheaper and better in the country of its origin, or taking advantage of the availability of things in a local market to cook with that in the US would cost 5 times more (at the very least).


As this question and it’s various possible answers kept turning over in my mind….spaghetti, legit chicken wings, bagels with cream cheese, Pho Tai, a REAL DONUT (trust me when I say that Indians don’t know how to do donuts – even my fiancé agrees)…..I realized that, indeed, there is a food that I deeply miss.



Brussels Nom

In fact, since my fiancé and I will be home for Thanksgiving this year, I am going to make brussels sprouts again as my contribution to the feast.


My two favorite recipes so far are:

Quinoa with Caramelized Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Avocado, and Lime


I promise you, if you make these, there will be nothing left behind and anyone who eats it with you will become a follower in the Cult of Brussels.  (pssst….if you follow me on Pinterest (MyRainbowHearts), you can find more of my favorite recipes on the board “Food is Love”)


Since brussels sprouts aren’t really a thing in India, these recipes are going to have to wait.  However, something I CAN make is a simple, delicious dish from my fiance’s mom – Chole Masala.  His mom is a fantastic cook (just like my mom! YAY ^_^).  We’ll be making it for dinner tonight, so I’ll take some pictures and throw the recipe up here after that.


This is definitely not what I thought I was going to write about when I started this post, lol.  I guess you’ll have to wait until next time to hear about Anjuna Beach, the bookmark, and the “man walking for peace”.


What food do you miss when you travel?  Let me know in the comments section below!


As a good friend has said to me many times in the past:


India is calling!




Other stuff I miss:


Starbucks Mug FilteredChicken FeetJeni's logoPho_to




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2 thoughts on “Life Wherever: I Wanna Eat That

  • miromiro Post author

    The one with the noodles? It’s Pho Tai – a vietnamese soup that I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!! Especially with lots of tasty Sriracha ^_^ I would love to have gelato in Italy – hopefully someday soon!

  • Pink_jasper

    What is the red colored dish? The Brussels sprouts with bacon, lime and avocado is amazing! Nom nom nom! One thing I really miss is really good Gelato! Since being back from Italy….7 years ago, it is hard to find some good Gelato in Ohio.