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I’ve been thinking about writing on some different topics for some time now, and today seems to be the day when I’m going to start ^_^


I’m well aware that there are a bazillion travel blogs out there, but that’s ok.  This will be a bazillion and one!


At the moment, I’m in India, so that’s where we’ll start.  Goa, to be precise.  I’ll share with you the everyday (exactly how much should a kilo of tomatoes cost at the market?  And where the hell is the market??) and the not-so-everyday (getting lost and driving almost two hours out of our way?  Totally worth it).


I hope you look forward to reading these posts as much as I look forward to writing them.


If you are currently in Goa, or are planning a trip and have some questions, please feel free to leave them below or message me directly and I will give you the best answer available to me.


Happy Trails!




Taiwan, 2013


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