Love and Music: “The Heart Wants what It Wants”


Based on the song selections for this series so far, it seems like I am a big fan of Top 40 music, but in reality, I have no concept of who’s popular at any given point in time unless I ask someone or google it.  I actually listen primarily to Asian pop and techno (a very loose term, indeed) and a random assortment of classical/folk.


So how did I end up with Selena Gomez, then, you ask?  Well, let’s just leave it at a couple of hours rifling through some YouTube videos online until I stumbled upon this song.


As with others in this series, it’s not my favorite song in the whole world – it’s listenable.  The 240 million others who’ve watched the video, though, must think it’s more than just listenable.  That’s why I look for songs like these.  If they are popular, then that means there is a message in them that is resonating with a fair number of people and I am interested in what messages people are relating to or how they might be adjusting their POV on love and relationships based on the authority they give to the “art” with which they are engaging.


Onto the breakdown of the song!


There are two key questions that came to my mind while listening:


  1. It’s pretty obvious that this song is about a disconnect between the heart and the mind (emotions vs logic).  Why does this happen and what does it mean?  Which should we listen to?


  1. “This is a modern fairytale” – Being that the whole song is about loving someone who is wrong for you, that line is indicative of a sad state of affairs. When did our fairytales move from the sweet excitement and wonder of love found and life lived in a “happily ever after” to an acceptance of love in the modern day as romantic tragedy?


You can bet I’ll be writing more on these topics, but in the interim, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the points above.  Also, I’d be curious to know if you think there’s something I’ve missed or if you think the song is about something else entirely!


Got a song you’d like me to break down?  Leave it in the comments box below!




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2 thoughts on “Love and Music: “The Heart Wants what It Wants”

  • miromiro Post author

    Truly, it is AMAZING how much the way we see someone changes over time. I would say that I think it’s easy to look at said person objectively, but even more easy to dismiss certain conclusions we can draw from those observations when they might inform at least our actions, if not our emotions, in an important way.

  • Christine

    Love Selena Gomez!! I agree with your two breakdowns. I think when you’re in love there’s the whole “rose colored glasses” thing going on. And its hard to take them off and look at who you love objectively. That’s what friends and family are for, but like she says in the song “I don’t care”. You don’t wanna listen ….you’re blinded by love. That’s exactly how I am in love too.