Origin Story

A friendly hello to a friend of a friend I didn’t know Endless questions from the curious and genuine responses and the number 35 that will forever haunt us 2 hours to and fro in exchange for 8 When you’ve only a month, everything else can wait For moments side […]

I Don’t Like Adding Titles to My Poems

I stand naked and alone Feeling a freedom I’ve never known Weightless but for the weight of my soul And the guilt of things gone wrong Time passed Judgments made that forever last Judgments from others buried, but still burning in the past   To cast it off is to […]

All the Words I Can’t Say

I just found out the other day that a poem I had submitted  last year to the “Apostrophes” section of 614 Magazine was actually published!  I had no idea – I wish I could get a copy of it in print.  Pretty cool, huh? This is the poem:   If i’ve […]